Faerie Spirit Gathering 2013 ~ 10th Annual

Monday July 1 - Saturday 6 July 2013


Calling all Faeries and wannabes and those-that-walk-between!!! You are welcome to join us for our 10th annual Faerie Spirit Gathering at Kawashaway in the Northwoods of Minnesota. FSG is an intimate gathering for faeries who resonate with a chemical-free gathering environment. We choose this unique path, as we find communing with faeries and Mother Kawashaway to be intoxicating. FSG happens every year the 1st - 6th July. FSG, inspired by the Shamanic Gatherings at Zuni Sanctuary, was created to bring intention, ritual, and communal action to Kawashaway. All participants are invited to share their spiritual magick with others. Together we have birthed "Clearing Time" ~ a daily time to attend to the communal needs of the land, the group, the individuals, and the Gathering itself.

The vision of our Sanctuary

Our heavily wooded Sanctuary, on a small beaver-habitat lake in the Superior National Forest, is a minimally tamed and rather rustic land. Our vision since 1989 has been to preserve the Sanctuary land and water as a safe place - apart from yet very connected to the wider worlds - as a place-between of emotional and spiritual well-being for loving, healing, playing, and working together in cooperation, as a community of kindred fae souls.


Working magik, offering gifts of knowledge or action, playing, being, even napping, all use up a body's energy. There will be plenty of wholesome, yummy vegetarian eats available. Before the gathering we are asking for help planning and ordering food. Each gathering meal calls for Mom (that's you volunteering, friends) plus a few choppers/stirrers. Please plan to assist with at least one meal. Plan to do dishes a few times.

Food cost is covered by the registration fees you pay. Feel free to supplement your diet in any way you need, however, refrigeration is extremely limited. Priority is given to medications and perishable food purchased by and for the gathering.


Imagine community, know you have community, create community

A co-created temporary autonomous community involves everyone. Expect to spend an hour or two each day taking care of things other than your awesome self. It may be preparing dinner or washing dishes, building a fire, running a workshop, or other inspired or absurd leadership. The more-experienced help the less-experienced get dialed in on how things happen. When we all accept co-equal responsibility for our gathering, the basic needs of all gathering-goers can be met in a spirit of playful cooperation. As an experiential co-creation, YOUR attendance is what makes this event all the more rich for each of us. Your creative, powerful self, no matter what level of previous fae/magik/spiritual experience, is welcome.

Register, register, please pre-register

We are counting on your pre-registration to be able to plan events and buy enough food and supplies for us all. If you need to pay later, or make special financial arrangements, that's just fineā€¦ pre-register anyway ~ thank you!

Spread the word

The call is like an echoing noise, spreading out to all the worlds. So please pass our gathering/website info to folks you think may want to hear the call to magik, play, growth and exploration.